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Courtesy of Caltech Information Science and Technology Initiative – Wierman Cray 2 Supercomputer

Grants List


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Elevating Research in Public Discourse (5071)

American Academy of Arts and Sciences

In support of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences' initiative to raise the profile of science and engineering rese…

NGOSource (5051)

Techsoup Global

To support and accelerate the growth of NGOSource's equivalency determination repository.

Socioenvironmental Monitoring of the Amazon Basin and Xingu (3859.01)

Instituto Socioambiental

In support of the preparation, distribution, and publishing of interdisciplinary georeferenced analysis to inform the de…

Real Science for 21st Century Learning: Building the Resources to Support Authentic Scientific Inquiry (4846)

Gulf of Maine Research Institute

In support of the planning and prototyping of a toolkit that can serve as a resource for engaging youth and community in…

Investigating Factors that Contribute to Engagement and Persistence in Science Learning (3475.01)

Tufts University, Department of Education

In support of research on factors that support engagement in scientific thinking and that contribute to persistence in s…

Climate and Land Use Alliance: Monitoring, Evaluation and Operations and Supply chain transformation (3350.04)


In support of the Climate and Land Use Alliance’s impact through targeted monitoring and evaluation, and strategic devel…

Novel Fine-Scale Insights into Marine Nutrient Flow Via Chemical Fingerprinting and Imaging (5064)

Research Foundation of State University of New York

In support of using a new combination of high-resolution chemical signature analysis and advanced microscopy technologie…

Pacific Salmon Watersheds Fund (4771)

Tides Canada Foundation

To strengthen the durability of protection measures for wild salmon ecosystems of British Columbia.

Thirty Meter Telescope Construction Phase (5061)

California Institute of Technology

To provide support for the Thirty Meter Telescope in the first full year of the TMT International Observatory.