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Courtesy of Tom Moffatt, ASF

The Atlantic Salmon Federation works to return wild Atlantic salmon populations to historic high levels. The federation consists of seven regional councils in Canada and the United States that advocate for the conservation, protection and restoration of wild Atlantic salmon and their ecosystems. Priority issues include aquaculture, salmon marine mortality and the impact of dams and downstream fish passage on Atlantic salmon rivers. The organization works for reform of aquaculture policies and practices and has developed a scorecard to measure compliance. The federation also works with several First Nations to advance conservation programs that respect their right to use salmon for food and ceremonial purposes.

From Maine to Nova Scotia, the organization’s regional councils and affiliates are active in local projects to safeguard freshwater ecosystems, restore rivers and promote better salmon forestry practices. In addition to press releases and scholarly publications, the federation publishes the quarterly Atlantic Salmon,­ an award-winning outdoor magazine devoted to fly fishing for Atlantic salmon and efforts to protect the species. 


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Atlantic Salmon Federation

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    May 2003

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    36 months


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