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IJNR helps improve coverage of natural resource issues by taking journalists on multi-day, immersive field trips to locations throughout North America--encouraging the free exchange of ideas, even inconvenient and dissenting ideas, to tell a story truthfully. Over the course of more than 60 institutes, IJNR has designed an experiential learning model that gives journalists an opportunity to gain a fuller understanding of the environment, economic and cultural landscapes underlying the most contentious natural resource issues of our time. 

Fellowships are designed for reporters and editors who aspire to produce deeper, more explanatory news coverage of issues such as water quality, quantity, and use, climate change, urban development, land use, energy exploration and consumption, wildlife, agriculture, wildfire, fisheries, forestry, and public health. In time, the increased accuracy, depth and perspective in news coverage generated by these journalists help to promote greater public awareness, better-informed civic discourse, expanded citizen engagement, and more responsible decision-making.



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Institutes for Journalism and Natural Resources

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    Nov 2016

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    16 months


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