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The New Mexico Consortium (NMC) is nonprofit research and educational institution formed in 2006 by the University of New Mexico, New Mexico State and New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology. The consortium pursues joint initiatives with the Los Alamos National Laboratory in advanced computing, plant biology, biomedical engineering and modeling and analysis.

Based in the Los Alamos Research Park, the consortium coordinates and leads joint program development efforts; pursues, develops and executes research and educational programs; and organizes meetings ranging from workshops to international conferences. The organization’s biological laboratory includes wet laboratory facilities, specialized laboratories, a Photobioreactor Matrix and a 4,000-square-foot research greenhouse. PRObE, the consortium’s super-computing facility, gives computer science researchers access to large scale computing resources. Outreach activities include an internship and service affiliate program, public tours and summer institutes for undergraduates. The organization also co-sponsors a teacher development program to help improve math and science education in New Mexico K-12 schools.


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Science Screening marine microeukaryotes for their amenability for genetic tool development


NMC Inc. (New Mexico Consortium)

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    Sep 2015

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    18 months


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