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Courtesy of Heather Wright

Agrosatelite is a Brazilian consultancy that applies the best solutions in geotechnology to the agribusiness sector.

The organization’s core priorities include agriculture, livestock, forests and sustainability. Agricultural projects involve crop mapping and monitoring via satellite images for production estimates, strategic planning, land use and financial due diligence. Livestock studies help inform understanding of the status of Brazil’s pastures, particularly relevant to the limited availability of land for livestock production. Forestry projects use spatial-temporal analysis to document annual harvest volumes and future harvesting potential. The team also uses satellite technology to track efforts to curb deforestation in the Amazon and study the balance between agricultural production and the preservation of native vegetation. 


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Environmental Conservation Geospatial analyses of the annual crops dynamic in the Brazilian Cerrado biome: 2000 to 2014


Agrosatelite Geotecnologia Aplicada Ltd.

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    Sep 2014

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    12 months


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