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Courtesy of Meaghan Calcari Campbell

Hartley Bay Village Council represents Hartley Bay, a First Nations community on the northwest coast of British Columbia. The village is home to the Gitga'at, which means "People of the Cane." The Gitga'at are members of the Tsimshian nation. Hartley Bay was established and settled in 1887and lies at the confluence of Grenville and Douglas Channels. For most of the twentieth century, the fishing industry has sustained its people.

Members of the council are voted into office every two years. The council governs all affairs related to the community, including the administration and delivery of social programs and services. In 2002, a marine use planning project was initiated to explore and work to implement conservation-based marine use planning in Gitga’at Territory. Some of the objectives of the plan are to conserve and sustainably manage marine cultural resources, protect and sustain marine ecosystems and wildlife habitats, and develop and maintain diverse marine-based economic opportunities that adhere to ecosystem-based management principles. All of the objectives of the project will at all times respect and accommodate Gitga’at rights and titles. 


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Hartley Bay Village Council

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    Jul 2012

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    28 months


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