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Since 1980, American Farmland Trust has worked to preserve the nation’s farm and ranch land along with critical resources, such as soil and water. Through educational resources and reports, innovative mapping tools, local partnerships and legislative advocacy, the organization has helped 27 states and numerous communities pass resolutions that protect farm and ranchland, transforming national policy along the way. Projects range from combating urban sprawl and protecting productive farmland to promoting biodiversity on U.S. farms and ranches.


The Farmland Information Center, a project of American Farmland Trust, is an online clearinghouse for landowners and farmers, concerned citizens, land trusts and policymakers. The center offers a comprehensive collection of resources to plan for agriculture development, encourage conservation and protect ranchlands.


Based in Washington D.C., American Farmland Trust has regional offices in the Midwest, upstate New York, the Pacific Northwest, New England and California.


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Environmental Conservation Improving Environmental Quality and Biodiversity on Private Farms and Ranches


American Farmland Trust

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    Dec 2002

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    12 months


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