Children's Discovery Museum of San Jose

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Courtesy of the Children's Discovery Museum of San Jose

Founded in 1990, the Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose serves the needs of children, families and schools as a center for learning and discovery by offering interactive exhibits and programs in its 52,000-square-foot facility.

Children are encouraged to make connections among ideas, people and cultures. The museum’s programs provide facilitated, focused and sustained learning and encourage children to define their role in and contribution to both local and global communities.

The museum offers field trips to schoolchildren and a family science night at schools to teachers and community groups. It produces BioSITE, a hands-on learning program where students perform water quality monitoring and ecological study at a nearby creek. The Discovery Youth program is a free media and community service that allows children to create fun and educational online projects, and the Summer of Service program provides youth with opportunities to contribute through community service.


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San Francisco Bay Area BioSITE and Discovery Youth Program Expansion.


Children's Discovery Museum of San Jose

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    Nov 2011

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    24 months


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