Grant Name:

Airborne Taxonomic Mapping System

  • Date Awarded:
    Nov 2008
  • Amount:
  • Term:
    24 months
  • Grant ID:
  • Funding Area:

To develop and integrate a next generation spectrometer into the Airborne Taxonomic Mapping System, a remote sensing system designed to accurately identify the chemical, structural and taxonomic makeup of tropic forests at an unprecedented scale and level of detail.

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Nov 2012 Forest Monitoring Techniques for Conservation Planning in the Andean Amazon Environmental Conservation 24 months $748,914
Jun 2011 Large-Area Assessment of Western Amazon Forests following the 2010 Drought Environmental Conservation 13 months $1,336,250
Jun 2010 Advanced high resolution forest/carbon mapping in the Colombian Amazon with CAO-Lidar Environmental Conservation 12 months $591,750
Nov 2008 Airborne Taxonomic Mapping System Science 24 months $5,250,000
Oct 2008 Enabling satellite-based forest monitoring in the Andes Amazon region Environmental Conservation 36 months $1,590,718
Apr 2007 Satellite-based forest monitoring by local agencies in the Peruvian Andes-Amazon: adaptation and dissemination of a simple tool. Environmental Conservation 12 months $200,000
Nov 2002 Global Ecology Program Science 84 months $4,263,239

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