The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation’s Diagnostic Excellence Initiative recently announced a third funding opportunity soliciting novel ideas and approaches for developing new clinical quality measures to improve diagnosis, specifically targeting three major categories of disease: acute vascular events (such as stroke and myocardial infarction), infections (such as sepsis and pneumonia) and cancer (such as lung and colorectal). Successfully funded proposals will form our third cohort of grantees in this area. The first and second cohorts are currently hard at work on their varied and promising projects.

The foundation’s Diagnostic Excellence Initiative addresses a pressing need to improve diagnostic performance. Over the last few decades, significant progress has been made in medication safety and therapeutics, but work has been slow to address diagnosis. Twelve million Americans experience a diagnostic error each year, and it is likely that each of us will experience a diagnostic error in our lifetime. Delayed or missed diagnoses result in delays in treatment, allow undiagnosed conditions to persist or even progress and worsen outcomes.

Request for proposals: Clinical quality measures to improve diagnosis

Application deadline: May 10, 2021



Other Opportunities

In addition to the foundation’s request for proposals that addresses diagnostic excellence, our partners are sharing funding opportunities of their own:

NAM Scholars in Diagnostic Excellence
Application deadline: March 3, 2021
More information:

PhysioNet/Computing in Cardiology Challenge 2021: “Will Two Do? Varying Dimensions in Electrocardiography”
Application deadline: Ongoing
More information: Questions and comments can be posted to the challenge forum or contact




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