by: Cynthia Craft

Nurse Charley Johnston, 32, finds goodness in all corners of his career: in his challenging new nursing job, in his two years at the UC Davis School of Nursing – even in the future of health care in general.

But ask Johnston what he finds most inspirational and he'll go right back to the very beginning.

That's when, five years ago, philanthropist Betty Irene Moore came to donate $100 million to UC Davis, moving the School of Nursing from dream to reality.

Thanks to Moore's contribution, Johnston and 24 other nurses are part of a small elite cadre of nurses graduating Thursday with UC Davis' first masters of science in nursing education and health care leadership. Recruited for their talent and fully funded by scholarships, the graduates personify the first wave of the hopes and beliefs of Moore and UC Davis leaders that a new breed of well-educated nurse will transform the health care system.

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