The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation today announced the selection of 14 Moore Investigators in Data-Driven Discovery. These scientists will catalyze new data-driven scientific discoveries through grants to their academic institutions totaling $21 million over five years. These unrestricted awards will enable the recipients to make a profound impact on scientific research by unlocking new types of knowledge and advancing new data science methods across a wide spectrum of disciplines. These Moore Investigator Awards are part of a $60 million, five-year Data-Driven Discovery Initiative within the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation’s Science Program. The initiative – one of the largest privately funded data scientist programs of its kind –  is committed to enabling new types of scientific breakthroughs by supporting interdisciplinary, data-driven researchers. Last year, the Moore Foundation announced an ambitious collaboration with three universities and the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation to create dedicated data science environments.

“Science is generating data at unprecedented volume, variety and velocity, but many areas of science don’t reward the kind of expertise needed to capitalize on this explosion of information,” said Chris Mentzel, Program Director of the Data-Driven Discovery Initiative. “We are proud to recognize these outstanding scientists, and we hope these awards will help cultivate a new type of researcher and accelerate the use of interdisciplinary, data-driven science in academia.”

By empowering data-driven investigators at universities, these new awards will strengthen incentives for data scientists in academia and create greater rewards for working between disciplines. The awards will support sustained collaborations among data science researchers to build on one another's work, capitalize on the best practices and tools, and create solutions that can be used more broadly by others.

“Many areas of science are currently data-rich, but discovery-poor,” said Vicki Chandler, PhD, Chief Program Officer for Science at the Moore Foundation. “The Moore Investigator Awards in Data-Driven Discovery aim to reverse that trend by enabling researchers to harness the unprecedented diversity of scientific data now available and answer new kinds of questions. We hope that other funders, public and private, will join us in supporting this transformation.”

The selected Investigators are listed below. Please visit the Data-Driven Discovery Investigator page for profiles of these outstanding researchers.  

2014 Moore Investigators in Data-Driven Discovery

  • Joshua Bloom, University of California, Berkeley
  • C. Titus Brown, University of California, Davis
  • Casey Greene, Dartmouth College
  • Jeffrey Heer, University of Washington
  • Carl Kingsford, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Laurel Larson, University of California, Berkeley
  • Christopher Re, Stanford University
  • Kimberly Reynolds, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
  • Amit Singer, Princeton University
  • Matthew Stephens, University of Chicago
  • Blair Sullivan, North Carolina State University
  • Matthew Turk, University of Illinois
  • Laura Waller, University of California, Berkeley
  • Ethan White, University of Florida 


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