by: Marybeth Sharpe

The final assessment of the Betty Irene Moore Nursing Initiative provides a comprehensive view of our 12-year effort aimed at improving the experience and outcomes of patient care in the San Francisco Bay Area and greater Sacramento region. Conducted by an independent, external evaluator, it details the initiative’s goals, approaches, results and lessons learned. The final assessment also provides recommendations to our foundation as it launches and implements future efforts in patient care.

Highlights include the initiative’s focus on engaging frontline registered nurses, and other frontline clinicians, to measurably improve outcomes for patients during and following a hospitalization. To do so, we invested in developing the leadership and quality improvement skills of RNs and in creating opportunities for them to apply these skills towards addressing the leading sources of patient harm. A core supporting effort in this work was development of a larger and better prepared RN workforce. The final assessment details these approaches and the results from them. A peer-reviewed article published in Health Affairs also reviews the impact and lessons of the initiative.

The cornerstone of the nursing initiative was laid by our co-founder, Betty Irene Moore. The final assessment describes how her vision led to the inception and focus of the initiative to improve patient care through frontline RNs. This was based on her own experiences when in the hospital and in caring for others who had been hospitalized. Betty saw how nurses play a critical role in the delivery of safe, quality health care and set out to improve it by investing in the very people who deliver 95 percent of the care we receive.

Betty’s vision endures through the sustained impact of the nursing initiative and the creation of the Moore Foundation’s patient care program. In releasing the final assessment in its entirety, we hope to add to this enduring legacy by sharing our approaches, results, and more importantly, lessons learned. We invite you to look at the infographic highlighting some results of the 12-year effort.


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Betty Irene Moore Nursing Initiative Final Assessment


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