“Creased with steep canyons, tree-lined creeks and the headwaters of the Wheatfield Fork of the Gualala River, the Gloeckner-Turner Ranch features forested ridgelines, diverse plant communities and an array of wildlife habitat…” – Mary Callahan, Santa Rosa Press Democrat.

Gloeckner-Turner Ranch is a sprawling 3,364-acre property along Rockpile Road near Lake Sonoma, and will now be spared from subdivision and development. Permanent conservation of this land area comes through the purchase of a conservation easement from the Gloeckner-Turner family, who has owned the ranch for decades. The Moore Foundation joined the family along with Ag + Open Space, Sonoma Land Trust and Sonoma Water to support this project.

The easement will preserve a highly visible scenic corridor, as well as the property’s diverse plant and wildlife habitats that include Oregon white oak and mixed hardwood forest, chaparral, Douglas fir and redwood forest, riparian woodlands, grasslands and the Wheatfield Fork of the Gualala River.

“The ranch is part of a network of wildlife corridors that crisscross Sonoma County and allow wildlife to move safely through the landscape, with these critical habitat corridors linking habitat in western Marin to Lake Sonoma and beyond. The wildlife linkages, the varied elevations, and the large habitat “transition zones” on this property offer a wide variety of opportunities to adapt to climate change by allowing both flora and fauna to move in response to climatic shifts.”

- Ag + Open Space

After years of negotiation, the conservation of the Gloeckner-Turner Ranch will add another important stretch of land to the Bay Area’s unique and special character. The family will continue stewardship of the land.

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