Nestled in southern Santa Clara County—south of urban San Jose, north of Morgan Hill, east of the Santa Cruz Mountains and west of the Diablo Range—Coyote Valley spans 7,400 acres of wetlands, hills, oak groves and active farmlands; this special place is an essential and irreplaceable link for regional habitat and biodiversity in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Faced with recurrent development threats, local non-profits are working to protect the most important ecological landscapes in Coyote Valley. Today, Peninsula Open Space Trust announced the purchase of a 63-acre property at the intersection of Santa Teresa Boulevard and Richmond Avenue in the mid-Coyote Valley, near the Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority’s Coyote Valley Open Space Preserve.

Purchased from the Ramke family, the property lies within the Fisher Creek floodplain, an important component of the critical ecological connection between the Santa Cruz Mountains and Diablo Range, as described in the Open Space Authority's Coyote Valley Landscape Linkage Report

“We are incredibly happy to see the property being kept in conservation and not developed,” said Samantha Roffe, granddaughter of the Ramkes. “This is not just a piece of land to us, its where we grew up and it was life for my family, so it is special to us. We want it to be special for future generations to enjoy as open space, too.”

We are happy to facilitate the purchase of this land as part of our aim to maintain the Bay Area's remarkable biodiversity, and conserve land areas for future generations. 

Learn more in the Peninsula Open Space Trust press release about this land purchase. 


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