In the San Francisco Bay Area, Audubon California and its partners are working to secure the future of pacific herring, a vital food for fish, marine mammals and birds. Very few places on the west coast support spawning runs of pacific herring, making the conservation of habitat for herring in the San Francisco Bay all the more important. Herring also support one of the nation’s last urban commercial fisheries — a model for responsible fishing.

“The San Francisco Bay is the largest spawning ground in the country for Pacific Herring, which in turn is a foundational prey species for the West Coast. Audubon California brings a unique, holistic approach to conservation that combines the development of a fisheries management plan with science-based work to improve conditions for herring and resolve key threats to their habitat.” Dan Winterson, San Francisco Bay Area Program.

The featured video below is the second in a series, highlighting the many San Francisco Bay Area Program grantees and their partners who are helping ensure the special character of the Bay Area endures for future generations. 


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