The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation announced the appointment of two fellows, Dominick L. Frosch, Ph.D., and Dr. Ruth Shaber, who will join its new national Patient Care Program. The program focuses on meaningfully engaging patients and their families in their own healthcare and developing a systems approach that reconfigures inter-professional teams, processes and technology to encourage and support patient and family engagement. Frosch and Shaber will bring specific expertise in these areas to the Moore Foundation team.

Frosch is a behavioral scientist experienced with engaging patients in their healthcare, in both primary-care and specialty-care settings. His work focuses on implementing patient decision support interventions–tools used to encourage shared decision making­– and draws on qualitative methods to identify factors associated with successful implementation and explore patient perspectives. Patient and family engagement is central to the Foundation’s focus on eliminating preventable harm and improving the quality, safety and affordability of healthcare.

Shaber most recently served as medical director of the Kaiser Permanente Care Management Institute, where she focused on ways to create reliable, quality performance in clinical settings. Shaber has specific expertise in cardiovascular disease prevention, behavioral health, maternity and cancer care. In addition to patient and family engagement, improving the healthcare system and its reliable performance, is key to the Moore Foundation’s Patient Care program.

Their expertise, along with current team members at the foundation, will support the program’s start, which is initially focusing on eliminating all preventable harms to adult patients in acute-care settings. Each year tens of thousands of preventable deaths occur in U.S. hospitals, and millions of dollars are spent on complications and patient readmissions that could be averted. Additionally, fewer than half of all patients report feeling part of and respected by the healthcare system that serves them. The foundation believes that patients’ loss of dignity and respect is also a significant, preventable harm and has expanded its definition of “harm” to reflect its emphasis on ensuring dignity and respect for patients and families.

“It’s ambitious for us to seek elimination of preventable harm, but we must strive for no less,” Dr. George Bo-Linn, chief program officer for the Patient Care Program, said. “Drs. Shaber and Frosch are leaders in their respective fields. Their experience and expertise will help us achieve that goal. I’m thrilled to have them as colleagues at the Moore Foundation.”

If the program develops as anticipated, the Moore Foundation expects to allocate a half billion dollars over ten years towards that goal. The Patient Care Program includes and builds on the achievements of the foundation’s Betty Irene Moore Nursing Initiative, which is significantly improving adult patient care in northern Californian hospitals, and the Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing at the University of California, Davis, which is transforming healthcare through nursing education, research and leadership. 

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