Early this year, we shared that the National Academy of Medicine’s scholarship opportunity with the Council of Medical Specialty Societies (CMSS), which aimed to support promising individuals, increasing knowledge and skills in the field of diagnostic safety.

The National Academy of Medicine recently announced the winners of the NAM Scholars in DxEx. This one-year, part-time experience for individuals to advance their diagnostic skills, make significant contributions to improve clinical diagnosis, and accelerate their career development.

National Academy of Medicine 2022 Scholars in DxEx

“Congratulations to this new class of extraordinary scholars, whose work will undoubtedly be vital to minimizing diagnostic errors in the U.S.,” said Victor J. Dzau, president of the National Academy of Medicine. “When we improve diagnostic quality and safety, we have the opportunity to vastly improve the way our health care system operates and, most importantly, have profound impacts on the lives of patients.”

Diagnostic errors are the most common cause of medical errors reported by patients, accounting for nearly 60 percent of all errors and an estimated 40,000-80,000 deaths per year. In its report Improving Diagnosis in Health Care, the National Academy of Medicine estimates that "nearly every American will experience a diagnostic error in their lifetime, sometimes with devastating consequences."

Advancing knowledge and enacting change in the field of diagnostic excellence is crucial to improving diagnostic performance, reducing harm, improving health outcomes and saving lives. Organizations like the National Academy of Medicine and the Society to Improve Diagnosis in Medicine have created fellowships to help address this important issue.



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