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Moore Foundation grantees at Princeton University were recognized by Physics World magazine for their work with a "Top Ten Breakthrough" award for 2015.

M. Zahid Hasan's group uncovered the Weyl fermion, a massless particle proposed to be building blocks of other subatomic particles such as electrons, earlier this year. These particles could result in a flow of electricity with nearly no resistance, leading to faster and more efficient electronics in the future.

The Top Ten is chosen by a panel of Physics World editors and reporters. The winning research must have been published in 2015 and also has to meet these four criteria:

•        fundamental importance of research;
•        significant advance in knowledge;
•        strong connection between theory and experiment; and
•        general interest to all physicists

Hasan's work is supported by the Foundation's Emergent Phenomena in Quantum Systems initiative through grant 4547

Read about the Top Ten winners here, and a Physics World article about the Weyl fermion here.


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