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On January 26, Pathways to Success: Taking Conservation to Scale in Complex Systems authors Richard Margoluis and Nick Salafsky hosted the first of seven webinars discussing their book.

Richard and Nick’s work focuses on designing, managing, and monitoring conservation and development projects, and Pathways to Success is a follow-up to their book Measures of Success (1998) which focused on site-based projects. Their latest entry serves as a guide for conservation program managers and funders who want to increase the effectiveness of their work combating climate change, habitat destruction, and species extinctions. Stressing fundamental concepts of effective program-level design, Pathways to Success helps readers think strategically about project coordination, funding, and stakeholder input to build transformative large-scale conservation programs.

Moderated by Aileen Lee, chief program officer for the Moore Foundation’s Environmental Conservation Program, the initial session provided an opportunity for attendees to get an introduction to the book and the concepts within directly from the authors and engage with them via an audience Q&A.

The launch webinar was recorded and is available to watch.

Our Pathways to Success webinar series will dive into more detail around the book’s concepts. These webinars will be a mix of presentation and discussion with participants – register now and continue the conversation with us:

  1. Shared Systems Models | Webinar 1 – 23 February (5 p.m. Eastern US Time) 
  2. Scaling Strategy Pathways | Webinar 2 – 30 March (11 a.m. Eastern US Time) 
  3. Synthesizing evidence | Webinar 3 – 27 April (4 p.m. Eastern US Time)
  4. Monitoring and adapting | Webinar 4 – 19 May (3 p.m. Eastern US Time)
  5. Collaborative learning – (June 2022)
  6. Pathways for funders – (July 2022)

Sign-up here to stay updated on scheduling and registration details. The tentative schedule is provided is also viewable on the Foundations of Success website.


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