Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses, schools and communities have been pushed to become proficient in understanding the science behind the COVID-19 virus, and navigate options for tracking it. At the same time, researchers brought to market various tests and testing services to support community efforts. However, businesses, schools and other organizations are often at a loss to determine which testing solution might be most helpful to them, as well as easy to implement.

To address this problem of information saturation, Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security launched a comprehensive toolkit on COVID-19 testing and testing services. The website provides essential information for all organizations seeking to engage in COVID-19 testing – from large businesses planning to bring workers back to the office, to schools returning to in-person learning, to youth camps, recreational sports clubs and other community organizations.

The toolkit provides information about the different types of COVID-19 tests with FDA Emergency Use Approval as well as testing services that are available, how they work, and what is known about their accuracy.

The toolkit aims to help employers or decision makers develop testing strategies that fit the needs of their organization.

The Moore Foundation, with partners at Lyda Hill Philanthropies, are happy to support this work that aims to support communities by providing knowledge about COVID-19 testing. Businesses and schools are already making decisions about testing, but we know that the available tests and examples of best use cases will continue to evolve. Even with vaccine distribution increasing, we know that testing will still be a crucial part of keeping communities healthy. Building the website and promoting it as a trusted resource will allow for adaptability as the pandemic situation continues to change.



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