It’s been said that nursing is a calling, that it’s much more than a job. What a nurse brings to health care is much more than just clinical expertise; nurses touch nearly every aspect of our health care system, and nursing is known to be one of the most trusted professions.

May 12th marked the end of National Nurses Week, as well as the birthday of Florence Nightingale, a woman who is often credited as the founder of modern nursing. In addition to the annual celebration of nurses during National Nurses Week, 2020 has been designated the “Year of the Nurse,” and it could not be a more apt time to celebrate those on the front lines of health care. At most hospitals, nurses are the first line of defense – gathering information, conducting initial screenings and easing the minds of patients.

To help celebrate the achievements of nurses, UC Davis Health has launched a blog where nurses can voice their stories in their own words, from their own perspectives. The blog includes a vast array of stories of empowerment, inspiration and challenges that face nurses every day. It is just one way we can celebrate nurses this year and long into the future.

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