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Financial Information

The foundation was established in September 2000, by Intel co-founder Gordon Moore and his wife Betty.

We have grown rapidly from  inception in 2000. We currently employ 100 people, manage over $6.4 billion of assets, and have an annual operating budget of approximately $33 million. We intend to pay out approximately five percent of our endowment annually, which equates to an annual grant budget of roughly $315 million.

Our investment objective is to protect the purchasing power of the endowment in perpetuity, and the investment portfolio is a collection of diversified assets designed to deliver relatively stable returns in a variety of market environments. Our investment team strives to balance the competing goals of generating a long-term return in excess of spending and inflation while providing a predictable, stable source of funds for current programs. Success in this approach will enable us to address the challenges of today and those of future generations.


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