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Courtesy of Mar Nieto - DOC sampling

Marine Microbiology Initiative

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We will achieve these goals by breaking barriers that are currently slowing the field and catalyzing new science through changes in paradigms and advances in technology. We support research that fills gaps that currently hinder scientists from identifying and quantifying nutrient pools in the ocean, deciphering the genetic and biochemical bases of microbial metabolism, and understanding how microbes interact with one another. To build on the discoveries our grantees have already made, we support four grant making approaches:

  • Single investigator awards for current and emerging leaders in the field
  • Multidisciplinary team research projects that support collaboration across disciplines
  • Community resource projects that fund the generation and sharing of data and the development of tools, methods and infrastructure that are of broad use to the entire research community
  • Grants to develop new instrumentation, tools and technology that could potentially enable scientists to ask new questions in ways previously not possible  

We also support a variety of change-making activities such as convening groups of scientists around topics of critical importance to the community and sponsoring workshops to provide for scientific exchange. We will gauge our progress towards achieving our goals using a set of mid-term and long-term targets.

Joint CIFAR-GBMF Workshops in Marine Microbiology and Evolution: Call for Proposals