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Courtesy of M. Zahid Hasan group, Princeton University - graphic representation of the energy-momentum relation of electrons on the surface of a bismuth-based topological insulator

Emergent Phenomena in Quantum Systems

Theory Research

Theory Centers

EPiQS support for theoretical research in quantum materials focuses on postdoctoral and visiting scholars at several universities with proven excellence in the field. By establishing the Moore Postdoctoral and Visiting Scholars in Theory of Quantum Materials program, we aim to maximize scientific productivity and enrich the overall intellectual environment at the selected institutions. Currently, six awarded grants in this portfolio provide about $8 million in support for five years. Moore Postdoctoral Scholars have appointments of up to three years, while Moore Visiting Scholars’ appointments range from a few months to one year.

The announcement of postdoctoral openings and selection process are conducted by the host universities with broad oversight by the Moore Foundation. The Moore Postdoctoral fellowships enable some of the most talented young theorists to acquire a breadth of expertise through flexible appointments that allow them to pursue their research interests and work with multiple faculty members.

We anticipate about 25 postdoctoral scholars will be trained and about a dozen visiting scholars will be hosted within this grant portfolio. 

The currently supported institutions are: