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Data-Driven Discovery

Investigator Awards

Our Data-Driven Discovery Initiative seeks to advance the people and practices of data-intensive science, to take advantage of the increasing volume, velocity, and variety of scientific data to make new discoveries. Within this initiative, we’re supporting data-driven discovery investigators – individuals who exemplify multidisciplinary, data-driven science, coalescing natural sciences with methods from statistics and computer science. We held a competition in 2014 to select 14 innovators who are striking out in new directions and are willing to take risks with the potential of huge payoffs in some aspect of data-intensive science. We awarded each investigator $1.5M for five years of research.

2014 Investigator Competition

Successful applicants made a strong case for developments in the natural sciences (biology, physics, astronomy, etc.) or science enabling methodologies (statistics, machine learning, scalable algorithms, etc.), and applicants that credibly combine the two were especially encouraged. Note that the Science Program does not fund disease targeted research.

Future Investigator Competitions

We have no plans for future Investigator Awards at this time.

If you have questions about the Investigator Award competition, please email us at: