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Turning data into actionable knowledge

Predictive Analytics

Unlocking the power of analytics to improve health care.

Data. It is ever present in our daily lives. The number of steps we take in a day, the number of calories we consume, the levels of our blood sugar and more. There are predictive models that analyze this data and flag when we need to make a change or may be in jeopardy. In the hospital setting, there are predictive models used to identify if someone may be at risk for readmission or is on a serious decline. This data helps clinicians make important care decisions.

Even with these advances, we have only scratched the surface for what predictive analytics can do. Imagine turning large amounts of data collected into knowledge that is actionable, and systems designed in a way to easily share data. Imagine the health care delivery system utilizing predictive models to eliminate harms and reduce costs.

We are working with experts to explore the potential of this field and help increase the use of predictive analytics to improve care within our current areas of focus – ICU Care Redesign, Patient and Family Engagement and the Betty Irene Moore Nursing Initiative. Our partners come from different industries, such as health care, technology and engineering, to create and test models that, for example, predict the risky state of an ICU or alert clinicians of actions to take in order to prevent harms. Others are investigating the use of 3D sensor technology to measure care processes and improve quality in the ICU – something that has not been applied in a complex hospital setting before. Still others are incorporating social variables, such as housing stability, to predict a patient’s risk of readmission.

We are striving for change in our health care system – where harms are eliminated and costs are reduced. We believe predictive analytics is an important, underutilized field that can help us get there.


Recent Grants

$1,495,533.00 Jul 2013 High-Fidelity Data-Driven Quality Improvement Johns Hopkins University, Department of Computer Science
$152,000.00 Feb 2013 Framework and Action Plan for Predictive Analytics Parkland Health and Hospital System
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Harvey V. Fineberg, M.D., Ph.D., President and Interim Chief Program Officer, Patient Care

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Loren Pogir, Managing Director, Patient Care Program

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Marybeth Sharpe, Ph.D., Program Director, Betty Irene Moore Nursing Initiative and Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing

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Susan Baade, Program Officer, Patient Care

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