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Betty Irene Moore Nursing Initiative - Nursing Leadership

Betty Irene Moore Nursing Initiative

Nursing Leadership

The Nursing Initiative’s nursing leadership strategy recognizes that nurses have the potential to play critical leadership roles within their teams, organizations and communities—with the ultimate goal of providing safe, high-quality patient care and outcomes. 

Through this strategy, we seek to significantly enhance the personal leadership skills and motivation of a critical mass of front-line registered nurses and other clinicians. We see the development of a significant number of such local “change agents”—2,000 or more—as instrumental to improving care and sustaining such improvements. It is our belief that outstanding patient care and outcomes begin at the bedside and are supported by organizational and health care system policies, incentives and actions. This strategy seeks to develop RNs who effectively lead at the bedside, within their own organizations and as part of the broader health care system.

Our multi-prong approach to nursing leadership development includes:
  • providing meaningful opportunities (e.g., leading efforts to improve safety and quality) for RNs to develop and demonstrate their leadership skills in clinical settings
  • supporting intensive, multi-year leadership development programs which select and support those who are change agents in their own right and who can mentor others to become change agents
  • introducing our local workforce to national nursing leaders who have made a difference both inside and outside the profession
  • creating professional networks which enable peer support and mentoring
The programs within this strategy support the development of a wide range of skills—technical, managerial, communications, research and such. These programs build skills through practical and meaningful projects which enable RNs of all experience levels to test and demonstrate their developing skills. Underlying all our programs is the belief that investing in individuals and their potential produces the greatest return.