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Courtesy of the Integrated Care Leadership Network

Betty Irene Moore Nursing Initiative

Hospital Patient Safety

The Nursing Initiative’s hospital patient safety strategy reflects our core belief that registered nurses play a critical role at the bedside in delivering the highest quality care and in preventing harm.

We seek to implement evidence-based practices in local hospitals by supporting bedside RNs to be scientists, leaders and teachers so that they can improve care for patients during a most vulnerable time, when they are hospitalized. Since RNs provide 95 percent of direct patient care in hospitals, they are well positioned to play these roles.

Our primary goal is to measurably improve nursing-related patient outcomes in the vast majority (80 percent or more) of San Francisco Bay Area and Greater Sacramento region adult acute care hospitals. We are targeting those outcomes which cause the greatest harm to patients and can be prevented such as sepsis mortality, falls, bloodstream infections and intensive care unit delirium. Other goals include increasing the number of Magnet hospitals (those recognized nationally for nursing excellence) and creating collaborative infrastructures for regional improvement.

At the core of all the programs supported by this strategy are the following tenets:

  • the use of data to identify issues and measure improvement
  • the development of RN clinical skills and leadership capabilities
  • the alignment of improvement efforts with organizational and policy priorities

To accelerate change, we take a collaborative approach–within hospitals, across hospitals and across the region–so that the most promising approaches can be rapidly shared and deployed. The dissemination of successful local programs occurs through peer-reviewed publications, incorporation of findings into national consensus guidelines, tools kits and technical assistance to other regions and hospitals.


Nursing Leadership

Nursing Workforce

Transitional Care



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