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The patient's role in achieving value


We can't do it without them. To improve health outcomes and reduce wasteful spending, patients must be actively engaged in monitoring their health status and making decisions about their care.

For some healthcare leaders, actively involving patients in their care has always been a priority. But as health systems seek to improve the value—quality ÷ price to purchaser—of care delivery, patient engagement is gaining C-suite attention. Rightfully so, says Dominick Frosch, PhD, patient care fellow at the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, which supports research to identify successful patient engagement strategies. The patient’s active involvement in improving his or her health status is critical to achieving the goal of high-quality, lower-cost care. Many provider organizations are experimenting with patient engagement tactics, and it is not yet clear which ones are effective. Indeed, not everyone even agrees what “patient engagement” means.

“It’s about an active partnership,” says Frosch who is also a clinical psychologist. “Health care needs to be a meeting of equals and a meeting of mutual respect for what each party contributes.”  

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