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Development of 4D electron tomography featured in June 24 Science

Courtesy of Lance Hayashida, Prof. Sossina Haile, Div. of Engineering & Applied Science, in lab with student Nina Krautwurst
By Oh-Hoon Kwon and Ahmed H. Zewail Science June 24, 2010

The June 24 issue of Science includes a report on innovative research methods developed by integrating a fourth dimension, time, in electron tomography. The report was written by senior postdoctoral fellow Oh-Hoon Kwon and by Caltech Professor and Nobel Laureate Ahmed Zewail, who is a principal investigator at the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation-supported Center for Ultrafast Science & Technology.

The Center focuses on fundamental studies of molecular complexity, the development of the technology of ultrafast imaging, and its applications to real systems of physical, chemical, and biological function. Outcomes for Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation funding have included the creation and maintenance of the ultrafast imaging facility.

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