Jiun-Haw Chu

University of Washington, Moore Fellow in Materials Synthesis


Dr. Chu synthesizes and investigates materials that host unconventional electronic, magnetic and topological phases.

Jiun-Haw Chu

Research Description

Jiun-Haw Chu is an assistant professor in the departments of physics at the University of Washington. His research goals aim to discover and understand the novel collective behaviors in condensed matter. Dr. Chu has been recognized for his important contributions to the discovery of iron-based superconductors and topological insulators, and for research that advances understanding of the physics of high-temperature superconductivity.

Currently, Dr. Chu’s research group is focused on the growth and characterization of materials with unconventional electronic, magnetic and topological phases. He and his team are also designing novel experimental techniques that utilize in-situ strain to probe and control quantum materials.


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Ph.D., Stanford University

Postdoc research, UC Berkeley and Stanford University


Young Investigator Award, Air Force Office of Scientific Research, Dayton, Ohio.

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