Innovative new approaches to addressing conservation challenges.

New ideas come from many directions. In conservation work, we have seen solutions emerge from technological innovation, unprecedented partnerships or collaborations, and fresh perspectives from other disciplines including economics and behavioral science.

Projects we have supported have included:

  • Developing new insights, research tools and methods in environmental science
  • Supporting sustainable land use in unique and irreplaceable sites
  • Fostering economic, social and policy changes that enable lasting environmental conservation

As our annual budget allows, we typically use 10 to 15 percent of the Environmental Conservation Program’s grantmaking for a handful of special one-time opportunities that arise outside the large-scale, long-term, targeted initiatives, which represent the vast majority of our funding. For the 2017-18 timeline, however, the level of grantmaking committed to our current initiatives precludes this allocation.

Our special projects in environmental conservation have addressed a diverse array of issues but are united by a common thread. In every case, these special projects connect the dots in new ways.

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