Major advances in science, technology and education


Advanced Particle Accelerators

We support revolutionary developments in compact particle accelerators that hold the promise of small and powerful sources for physics, biology and medicine

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We support astronomical instrumentation and theory to increase the power of telescopes and to advance our understanding of the universe.

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Earthquake Early Warning

We support seismological research underpinning the Earthquake Early Warning system, which can detect initial signals from a distant earthquake and provide warning of shaking tens of seconds to minutes before destruction begins, allowing people and property to be secured and protected. Warnings would be issued across computers, cell phones, radios, TVs and other systems with broad reach to the public.

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We fund early-stage imaging projects to enable researchers to visualize living cells at the molecular level in real time. New imaging technologies with these capabilities would provide a better understanding of structural and functional aspects of many key cell processes, enabling fundamental breakthroughs in biology and materials science. Through different technical innovation strategies, we support scientists to conduct experiments to demonstrate proof-of-concept for promising new imaging technologies.

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Science Policy

We support opportunities for scientific evidence to inform decision making at the state and federal levels. Government officials increasingly face decisions on policy issues with significant scientific and technological components. Through grantee partners like the American Association for the Advancement of Science and the California Council on Science and Technology, we fund programs that place Ph.D.-level scientists in federal and state legislatures to offer access to non-partisan, in-house expertise for improving the quality of science- and technology-related policy. We also support the provision of objective and authoritative analysis of complex scientific issues to public officials.

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Science Learning

We fund projects that enable and sustain scientific curiosity and problem solving to cultivate a lifelong interest in science. We want to improve society’s understanding of the inherent value of science and contribute to a more informed public that appreciates science, considers data and evidence, and engages in rational decision making in personal and civic lives. To achieve these outcomes, we make grants across interrelated thematic threads: science learning assessment and innovative models for science-rich engagement.

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