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Land use planning and protected areas in Loreto, Peru (3564)

Derecho Ambiente y Recursos Naturales

To improve the effectiveness of good environmental governance in Loreto by integrating protected areas/ indigenous lands…

Super-Mateiros: Capacity and Resources for Forest Inventories in the Brazilian Amazon (3855)

New York Botanical Garden

To standardize training and certification in tree identification for master woodsmen in the Brazilian Amazon, and implem…

High-functioning Protected Area Management Councils (2078.01)

Instituto Internacional de Educação do Brasil

To support the consolidation of protected area councils in Amazonas state, Brazil, and their effective participation in …

Mainstreaming innovative approaches to protected area management in Brazil—Phase II (3408.01)

Instituto de Pesquisas Ecológicas

To support innovative approaches to protected area funding and co-management in Brazil through technical studies and pil…

Expansion of municipal environmental and territorial management programs in northern Mato Grosso, Brazil (4004)

Instituto Centro de Vida

To support 6 municipalities in northern Mato Grosso state to structure land management programs, control deforestation, …

Planning and Governance for the Consolidation of Protected Areas and Indigenous Lands in the Colombian Amazon (2048.01)

Gaia Amazonas Foundation

To implement the first co-management model in the Yaigoje-Apaporis National Park/Indigenous Territory with the Colombia …

Socio-Environmental Mapping of the Amazon (3859)

Instituto Socioambiental

In support of interdisciplinary analysis and mapping of protected area coverage, deforestation, forest degradation, infr…

Ten Years of Conservation Lessons from the Amazon (3614)

International Union for Conservation of Nature

On the basis of lessons learned over the last decade, recommend durable and effective management practices for protected…

Integrated supply chain for responsible beef in São Félix do Xingu, Pará, Brazil (3496)

The Nature Conservancy

In support of the establishment of a scalable integrated supply chain for responsible beef in the São Félix do Xingu mic…