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Grants List


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Remote Patient Monitoring Projects (2731)

Public Health Institute, Center for Technology and Aging

In support of the Public Health Institute's Center for Technology and Aging for an additional cohort of Remote Patient M…

Inter-disciplinary Team-based Care Management Pilot (2500)

Health Plan of San Mateo

For the pilot of an inter-disciplinary team-based care management model for Health Plan of San Mateo high utilization pa…

San Francisco Quality Culture Series (2594)

San Francisco Health Plan

To develop the quality improvement, management, and team work skills of 20 San Francisco safety net clinic management te…

Bar-Coding Technology Implementation (2633)

ValleyCare Health System

In support of the purchase, installation, and implementation of bar-coding technology in ValleyCare Health System's Plea…

National Nursing Workforce Research (2532)

Vanderbilt University Medical Center

In support of a portfolio of national nursing workforce research using three national datasets, with the goal of develop…

Impact of Health Coaching in an Outpatient Clinic: A Randomized Controlled Trial (2492)

University of California, San Francisco Department of Family and Community Medicine

In support of the development, implementation, and evaluation of a Randomized Controlled Trial to test the efficacy of a…

Electronic Medication Administration Record and Mobile Data Center. (1584)

San Francisco General Hospital Foundation

To support the purchase and installation of a mobile data center and the implementation of an electronic Medication Admi…

Medication Bar Coding Infrastructure (1570)

Daughters of Charity Health System

To implement medication bar coding throughout Daughter of Charity Health Systems' (DCHS) Bay Area hospitals (Seton Medic…

Nursing Clinical Documentation System (1583)

Alameda County Medical Center

To implement a nursing clinical documentation system, with a goal of decreasing patient length of stay and increasing th…