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Courtesy of Caltech Information Science and Technology Initiative – Wierman Cray 2 Supercomputer

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Advanced on-line services for scholarly content (1276.01)


In support of a new DuraSpace service offering called "DuraCloud," a suite of on-line tools and services for the long-te…

Using Ultracold Atoms to Investigate Cooperative Phenomena in Materials (3502)

Stanford University, Department of Applied Physics

In support of the design and implementation of a novel "atom chip microscope," which will use ultracold magnetic atoms t…

Lab Internships for Teachers (3509)

Industry Initiatives for Science and Math Education

To support research internships for teachers in science laboratories at San Francisco Bay Area universities, and travel …

Prototypes for supporting everyday science learning (3343)

Stanford University, School of Education

In support of the development of prototypes for activities that can foster parents’ abilities to explore and engage with…

Improving Impact of Science & Entertainment Exchange (3593)

National Academy of Sciences

To support establishment of development capacity for the National Academies of Sciences’ Science & Entertainment Exc…

Making Meaning: Assessment Framework Development for STEM Learning through Making (3508)

New York Hall of Science

In support of an initial design of a tool that offers rich and relevant assessment and documentation of the science and …

Tohoku Subduction Zone Observatory: Investigating Mechanisms of Megathrust Earthquakes (3289)

University of California, Santa Cruz Department of Ocean Sciences, School of Earth & Marine Science

In support of participation in the international rapid-response project Japan Trench Fast Drilling Project, which has es…

Informing and Educating the Public on Exciting Science Research (3473)

LDOS Media Lab

In support of a coordinated program to increase public knowledge and awareness of exciting scientific research and disco…

Coordination and Integration of West Coast Earthquake Early Warning Prototype Activities (3219)

United States Geological Survey

In support of coordination and integration of earthquake early warning grant activities conducted at the California Inst…