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Courtesy of Caltech Information Science and Technology Initiative – Wierman Cray 2 Supercomputer

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Resource for analysis of viral metagenomes (2732)

University of Delaware, Department of Plant and Soil Sciences

In support of integrating a novel suite of bioinformatic tools for analyzing viral metagenomic datasets into a major pub…

Equipment for Scientific Research (2723)

Universidad de Concepción, Departamento de Oceanografía

To procure scientific laboratory and field equipment to replace a subset of the equipment damaged during the 8.8 magnitu…

Dynamics of viruses and their microbial hosts (2631)

University of Arizona, Sponsored Projects Services

In support of developing and applying novel virus ecology approaches that enable deeper investigations of the structure …

Summer Courses Dedicated Sequencing Pipeline (2564)

Pennsylvania State University, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

To create a dedicated "next generation" DNA sequencing pipeline for five microbial diversity summer courses supported by…

DNA sequencing equipment for microbial analyses (2540)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Office of Sponsored Programs

For the acquisition of a next generation DNA sequencing platform to enable important advances in the field of marine mic…

MBL Microbial Diversity Summer Course (2493)

Marine Biological Laboratory

In support of the Microbial Diversity Summer Course, one of five coupled grants intended to train the next generation of…

BIOS Summer Course (2553)

University of California, Santa Barbara Department of Ecology, Evolution and Marine Biology

In support of the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences Summer Course, one of five coupled grants that will train the next…

Hopkins Microbiology Summer Course (2552)

Stanford University, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

In support of the Hopkins Microbiology Summer Course, one of five coupled grants that will train the next generation of …

Hawai’i Microbial Oceanography Summer Course (2551)

University of Hawaii Foundation

For the Hawai'i Microbial Oceanography Summer Course, one of five coupled grants that will train the next generation of …