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Grants List


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State of the Salmon (990.04)

Wild Salmon Center

In support of the State of the Salmon program to increase the transparency of salmon management decisions and to help bu…

BC Energy and Water Management (2829)

World Wildlife Fund Canada

To support efforts to improve protection of ecological flows to address the cumulative effects of water diversion on Bri…

MSC Certification for BC Salmon (2831)

Pacific Salmon Foundation

To support increased coordination of the commercial fishing industry, conservation organizations, and regulating agencie…

Taku Tlatsini Conservation Fund (2484)

Tides Canada Foundation

To support Tides Canada Foundation’s "Tlatsini Conservation Fund" to support the Taku Tlinget First Nation in implementi…

Bristol Bay Regional Vision (1921.02)

Alaska Conservation Foundation

In support of the Bristol Bay Regional Vision project. Funding will be used to help articulate the shared economic, soc…

Aquaseed Coho Salmon RAS Project (1922)

Sweetspring Salmon

To demonstrate technical and financial feasibility of on-land closed containment aquaculture technology.

SOWS merger with Pew Environment Group (2112)

Save Our Wild Salmon

To support efforts to protect wild salmon and salmon habitat.

Implementation of New Business Model (2103.01)

Tides Canada Foundation

In support of implementing a new business model to ensure grantee's long-term financial sustainability. Funding will be…

Salmon Climate Conference (1454.01)

Wild Salmon Center

In support of a conference about salmon and climate change. Funding will be used to bring together thought leaders from…