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American Bird Conservancy

Financing Mechanisms for Private Biodiversity Reserves

With this grant, the American Bird Conservancy is creating a conservation corridor by changing a series of "paper parks" (legally designated parks with little to no infrastructure) to a carefully managed region devoted to sustaining biodiversity. Outcomes include the addition of 1,100 hectares to and improvement of management for the Tapichalaca reserve in southern Ecuador, creation of a 300,000-hectare conservation corridor from the Alto Mayo protected area to the Maranon River Valley in northern Peru, and identification and implementation of polylepsis sites—a critical Andean cloud forest habitat.

Title: Financing Mechanisms for Private Biodiversity Reserves
Date Awarded: Jul 2004
Amount: $2,371,800
Term: 36 months
Grant ID: GBMF467
Funding Area: Environmental Conservation, Andes-Amazon Initiative
Organization Name: American Bird Conservancy

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