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Courtesy of Rob Buelteman and Peninsula Open Space Trust

Peninsula Open Space Trust

San Mateo Coast Land Preservation

This grant supports the Peninsula Open Space Trust's "Saving the Endangered Coast" campaign. Funds from this campaign are being used to acquire, manage, and safeguard undeveloped properties along Central California's shoreline, a hotspot region. Outcomes include land conservation and stewardship in San Mateo County, California.

Title: San Mateo Coast Land Preservation
Date Awarded: Jul 2001
Amount: $50,000,000
Term: 97 months
Grant ID: GBMF32
Funding Area: San Francisco Bay Area, Conservation
Organization Name: Peninsula Open Space Trust

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Blair Ranch Acquisition $2,000,000 Nov 2007
Land Acquisition $2,300,000 Sep 2007
Stevens Creek Canyon Ranch $5,000,000 Nov 2004
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