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Tides Canada Foundation

British Columbia Wild Salmon Conservation – Small Grants Fund

This grant to Tides Canada Foundation will provide an agile mechanism for timely small scale investments in grassroots activities aimed at protecting wild salmon in British Columbia. The intention is to capitalize on time-limited opportunities to advance identified strategic outcomes of the Wild Salmon Ecosystem Initiative. Areas of focus include habitat protection in the Taku and Skeena watersheds, as well as harvest and aquaculture reform.

Title: British Columbia Wild Salmon Conservation – Small Grants Fund
Date Awarded: Mar 2009
Amount: $395,910
Term: 18 months
Grant ID: GBMF313.03
Funding Area: Environmental Conservation, Wild Salmon Ecosystems Initiative
Organization Name: Tides Canada Foundation

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Pacific Salmon Watersheds Fund $10,000,000 Nov 2015
Skeena Headwaters Protection $2,181,462 Nov 2013
Taku Tlatsini Conservation Fund $2,433,501 Feb 2011
Aquaculture Innovation $477,179 Oct 2009
Sustainability Plan $162,785 Jun 2009
Skeena Harvest Reform $595,228 Aug 2007
Rainforest Solutions Project $400,481 Dec 2004
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