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Ecosystem Services

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Ecosystems Services Seminar Series

The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, in partnership with Coastal Quest and Blue Earth Consultants, presents the 2011 Ecosystem Services Seminar Series. The series was developed to increase awareness, facilitate exchange of information and promote a community of practice to transform ecosystem services theory into tangible actions. The seven-part series features experts from leading institutions and captures their thoughts on topics ranging from the theoretical roots of ecosystem services, to existing technical tools and methods, to the application of an ecosystem services approach to enhance natural resource management and decision-making.   

The 2011 Ecosystem Services Seminar Series provides practitioners and anyone who is interested in learning more about ecosystem services with an online interactive series that includes speaker presentations, associated discussion notes and topical papers. We invite you to learn more and become a part of this dynamic community, and we hope this information will help create durable solutions to current and future challenges to global environmental, social and economic well-being. 

The State of Ecosystem Services

Copyright © 2009 The Bridgespan Group, Inc.  

Prepared by The Bridgespan Group with support from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, this white paper provides a comprehensive, but quick, scan of the current “state of play.” The State of Ecosystem Services offers useful insights on the status and potential of this still new and rapidly evolving concept. We extend our sincere thanks to the many partners who participated in the preparation of this report.