• Date Awarded:
    Jul 2012
  • Amount:
  • Term:
    24 months
  • Grant ID:
  • Funding Area:
    Environmental Conservation

In support of developing Momentum 2.0 to empower thought leaders around the world to discover and apply solutions to grand challenges related to energy, land use, food, water, sustainable development.

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University of Minnesota, Institute on the Environment (7)

date grant program term amount
Jun 2016 Evaluating Community-Based Interprofessional Education and Practice Patient Care 30 months $428,873
Dec 2014 Managing for Environmental Risk in Global Agriculture Environmental Conservation 24 months $903,492
Jan 2014 Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN) informatics dissemination Patient Care 20 months $395,000
Sep 2013 Demonstrated Impact of Team-based Care on Reducing Harm and Cost Patient Care 48 months $1,500,000
Jul 2012 Momentum 2.0 Environmental Conservation 24 months $369,984
Sep 2011 Addressing Challenges of Global Food Security, Agriculture and the Environment Environmental Conservation 38 months $2,200,000
Sep 2011 San Francisco Bay Area QSEN Informatics Deep Dive Workshop Patient Care 21 months $457,863

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