With six Special Reporting Initiatives (SRI) already under way, Mongabay.org is excited to announce a call for applications for its latest journalism grant topic: Amazonian protected areas: benefits for people

The Amazon’s system of protected areas has grown exponentially in the past 25 years. In many South American nations, the mission of protected areas has expanded from biodiversity conservation to improving human welfare. However, given the multiple purposes and diverse management of many protected areas, it is often difficult to measure their effect on human populations. This Special Reporting Initiative (SRI) will ask: what are the true effects of Amazonian protected areas on people, both locally and globally?

Mongabay.org will commit up to $20,000 to fund the top proposal: $15,000 as a stipend and up to $5,000 for reporting and travel costs. The fellow, who will be selected by an independent panel that consists of six journalists and issue-area experts, will have three months for travel and research and three months for writing. The selected fellow can then work from anywhere in the world. 

The Application Deadline for this SRI is April 18th, 2014. Learn more about how to apply here.Read the full article here or learn more about this Special Reporting Initiative here.

The Amazonian protected areas: benefits for people Special Reporting Initiative is funded by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation.


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