The San Francisco Bay Area is renowned for its biodiversity and natural beauty – its natural areas provide wildlife habitat, enhance the quality of life for residents and differentiate the Bay Area from other large metropolitan areas. The Moore Foundation, through its Bay Area Program, is committed to conserving these unique and irreplaceable areas.

One project the foundation has supported is the Conservation Lands Network – a regional conservation strategy for the San Francisco Bay Area, with a set of goals and science-based decision-making tools that support strategic investments in land protection and stewardship.

The Conservation Lands Network aims to focus conservation in areas that represent the region’s biodiversity and support ecological function across the nearly five million acres that comprise the 10 Bay Area counties.

Updated in 2019, the Conservation Lands Network prepares the Bay Area to respond to climate change, connect landscapes and connect upland and bayland conservation. The dozens of scientists and land conservation practitioners involved in the 2019 update identified goals that include conserving 2.5 million acres of priority lands by the year 2050, conserving rare, diverse and irreplaceable landscapes, and stewarding all lands to maintain ecological and hydrological processes that support ecosystem function and resilience.By focusing on effectiveness, the Conservation Lands Network identifies the most strategic areas to protect. This will hopefully also lead to new insights and future directions.

The Conservation Lands Network is a model for other regions in the state and beyond for how to take a regional approach to conservation planning.


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