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Courtesy of Keiko Torii - leaf cellsCourtesy of Filipe de Sousa Borges of Martienssen Lab - male germ unit of Arabidopsis pollenCourtesy of Krishna Niyogi, University of California, Berkeley Department of Plant and Microbial BiologyCourtesy of Dominique Bergmann - plant cellsCourtesy of Kaoru Sugimoto, senior research fellow with Elliot Meyerowitz - green fluorescent protein in petalCourtesy of Yangnan Gu and Xinnian Dong - NPR-GFP fluorescence micrographCourtesy of Jorge Dubcovsky - tetraploid TILLING (targeted induced local lesions in genomes) increase Courtesy of Philip Benfey - plant rootCourtesy of Marlene Cameron, Roger Thilmony, Young Hoon Lee, Sheng Yang He - Arabidopsis plant infected by Pseudomonas syringae pv.Courtesy of Steve Yeater
Groundbreaking research to benefit Earth

Plant Science Collaboration with HHMI

In partnership with the Howard Hughes Medical Institute we support 15 of the nation’s most innovative plant scientists.

Plants are essential to the survival of our planet and our species. They turn carbon dioxide into oxygen for humans and other inhabitants of our planet. They also are crucial for providing food, medicine, fuel, clothing and housing to the world’s population.  

Research on plants can lead to discoveries about how they develop, grow and respond to environmental changes. Making new discoveries and eventually applying them to create game-changing applications in the fields of environmental science, medicine, energy production and more is necessary for tackling the enormous challenges that our earth faces.

That’s why we are working together with the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) to fund groundbreaking plant research. Launched in 2010, the program solicited applications from scientists at the forefront of their fields. From nearly 250 applications, 15 scientists were selected in 2011 to receive an initial five-year appointment. These leading scientists are researching a variety of plants and have already made impressive discoveries.

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Recent Grants

$1,666,665.00 Sep 2012 Elliot Meyerowitz HHMI/GBMF Plant Biology Investigator Award California Institute of Technology, Division of Biology
$1,666,665.00 Aug 2012 Philip Benfey HHMI/GBMF Plant Biology Investigator Award Duke University, Department of Biology
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Courtesy of Lauriebeth Leonelliin, Kris Niyogi Lab


Vicki Chandler, Ph.D., Chief Program Officer, Science

Vicki spearheads the foundation’s Science Program. She studied biochemistry for her undergraduate and doctoral degrees at the University of California, Berkeley, and the University of …

Jasan Zimmerman, Program Associate, Science

As a Science Program associate, Jasan supports the Data-Driven Discovery Initiative, Imaging Molecular Interactions portfolio and Plant Science Collaboration with Howard Hughes Medical Institute. Prev…