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Advancing our understanding of complex quantum systems

Emergent Phenomena in Quantum Systems

Uncharted ground in condensed matter physics offers immense opportunity.

Emergent phenomena are the exotic and unexpected properties of a complex system that arise from the interactions among many individual constituents (e.g., waves emerging from water droplets or dunes emerging from sand particles). The Emergent Phenomena in Quantum Systems Initiative (EPiQS) aims to transform this field of emergent phenomena in quantum material systems, or condensed matter systems. The diversity and intricacy of quantum material systems provide countless opportunities to discover emergent behavior, profoundly change our understanding and theories about matter, and eventually lead to world-changing technologies.

EPiQS uses different strategies to fuel discovery and conceptual breakthroughs, including funding to support:

  • Top experimentalists and centers for theory to enable current and emerging leaders in experiment and theory to maximize their creativity
  • Materials synthesis to bolster the artistry of creating new/better quantum materials while improving career paths for scientists
  • Instrumentation acquisition and development to advance lab capabilities at leading institutions
  • High-risk projects to enable timely responses to new discoveries and development of new concepts
  • Community building activities that create and sustain a vibrant research network to promote the exchange of ideas and materials

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Recent Grants

$2,400,000.00 Jan 2015 Development of a Novel Spectrometer for Studying Materials Using X-ray Scattering Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
$1,800,000.00 Nov 2014 Tony Heinz Experimental Investigator in Quantum Materials Award Stanford University, Department of Applied Physics
More Grants
Courtesy of Kathryn Moler, Stanford