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Courtesy of Rachel Strader

Environmental Conservation Program

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Our Environmental Conservation Program balances long-term conservation with sustainable use. We protect critical ecosystems. We establish models for collaboration that can be replicated and expanded around the globe. And we seek to create lasting change in how land, freshwater and coastal marine ecosystems are managed.

Healthy ecosystems sustain us. They offer food and clean water, supply medicines and raw materials and provide for the livelihoods of those who make their living from the land or sea. If managed well, they can continue to support people and communities for generations to come.

And in every project we undertake, we listen. We actively work with grantees to coordinate multiple partners, integrate diverse points of view and adapt to changing circumstances. In partnership with communities, businesses, governments, NGOs and others, we strive to ensure that fisheries, forests and other ecosystems remain healthy, resilient and productive. 

We are currently focused on three large-scale efforts, in addition a number of independent grants:

  • Andes-Amazon: Conserves the Amazonian forests by supporting the establishment of protected areas, transforming frontier economies and addressing the root causes of deforestation and forest degradation.
  • Marine Conservation: Supports healthy ocean ecosystems that can sustain food, jobs and recreation over the long term by aligning economic incentives with conservation goals.
  • Wild Salmon Ecosystems: Collaborates with partners from Alaska, British Columbia and Russia to protect a healthy habitat for wild salmon throughout the North Pacific.
  • Special Projects: Support the conservation of unique and irreplaceable sites, develop new environmental science and encourage policies that promote lasting environmental protection.