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Ensuring long-term conservation of the Amazon

Andes-Amazon Initiative

Since 2001, we've helped conserve over 150 million hectares in the Amazon — an area nearly four times the size of California.

An incomparable wilderness that spans eight countries and one territory, the Amazon stretches from the eastern slopes of the Andes to the Atlantic Ocean. It provides one-fifth of the world’s fresh water and is home to the planet’s most diverse collection of birds, mammals, freshwater fish and plants. Its forests help mitigate global climate change.

Over the past decade, sustainable management of protected areas and indigenous lands, as well as land-use policies, have dramatically slowed the rate of deforestation. But significant threats remain. Nearly 20 percent of Amazonian forest cover has already been lost to logging, mining, hydrocarbon and infrastructure development, cattle ranching and agriculture.

Local and national governments, the private sector, indigenous communities and NGOs are working independently and in partnership with each other to conserve the forests of the Amazon. We support work to scale up three types of conservation strategies applied by these institutions in targeted geographies:

  • Improve monitoring and management of protected area systems and establish sustainable finance structures;
  • Integrate protected areas into regional land-use planning and develop their economic potential; and
  • Increase management effectiveness of targeted individual protected areas and indigenous territories.

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Recent Grants

$1,700,000.00 Nov 2014 Consolidation of the Lower Rio Negro Mosaic Wildlife Conservation Society
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Avecita Chicchón, Ph.D., Program Director, Andes-Amazon

Avecita leads the Andes-Amazon team at the foundation and the team that is developing new work on sustainable agriculture.  Avecita has over 25 years of experience in natural resource use, biodiv…

Paulina Arroyo, Program Officer, Andes-Amazon

Born in Ecuador and raised in Virginia, Paulina went to Ecuador for a “brief” period to do field work after graduating from college. Since then, she has dedicated her career to working on …

Marina Campos, Ph.D., Program Officer, Andes-Amazon

Marina manages a portfolio of grants addressing a wide range of drivers of deforestation in the Andes-Amazon region. Prior to joining the foundation, Marina was the program director at the Rainforest …

Leonardo Colombo Fleck, Program Officer, Andes-Amazon

A native of Brazil, Leo leads a grantmaking strategy devoted to the conservation of Amazonian forests through market-based approaches. He also collaborates with the Climate and Land Use Alliance. Prev…

Chris Martin, Program Associate, Andes-Amazon

Chris provides administrative and strategic support in managing the Andes-Amazon grant pipeline. Prior to joining the foundation, Chris was a Payment for Environmental Services intern at Instituto Flo…